So the wintertime is just around the corner, and we all need to perfect our winter wardrobes. When I think of wintertime, I think of layers! If anything, your winter wardrobe should be twice the size of your summer wardrobe, because you need to factor in sweaters, scarves, coats, and more. I consider winter to be the best season for demonstrating your style and creativity as you need to come up with creative ways to keep warm. Nevertheless, every winter wardrobe needs a good foundation. 

  1. Long-Sleeve Knits: Let’s start off with long-sleeve shirts. You need to wear these under almost every winter outfit, so you’re going to need a lot of them. With these you can keep it kind of simple, because you will most likely be wearing them underneath sweaters or stuffed behind scarves. You can play around with the colors, but you really don’t need to spend as much time choosing your favorites. Here’s some examples of some high quality long-sleeves from shoesbagsall!
Guess Women’s Sweater 82G509-5423Z Pink
Armani Jeans Women’s Sweater 7V5M8A-5M1GZ Brown
  1. Denim: Denim is vastly important to have in your winter wardrobe. Whether it is throwing a jean jacket over a turtleneck, or stocking up on some good quality jeans. Some of the best denim comes from Armani and Guess, and both of these brands are stocked up on shoesbagsall! When I think of Guess I think of high quality jeans, and Armani carries some of the most stylish denim! Just because denim is such a signature staple doesn’t mean you can’t stock up on different styles. There’s light wash denim, skinny jeans, baggy jeans, or flairs! You need a solid collection of denim as this is what you will most likely be wearing every day. 
Armani Exchange Women’s Jeans 3ZYJ65Y2CSZ Blue
Guess Women’s Jeans W74A06D2R80 Black
  1. Huge Scarves: We need to protect ourselves from getting sore throats and horrible colds during the wintertime, and that means wearing a lot of scarves. The bigger the scarf the better! 
  1. Sweatpants and Sweatshirts: These are a nice combo to wear when you go out for errands on the weekend. It’s the perfect combination of being comfortable, warm yet still stylish!
  1. Boots: In the wintertime a majority of the shoes you’ll wear will be boots, and you’ll need a nice collection of boots for the winter to keep your feet warm! It’s good to have a nice variation of good quality boots, and the best part is boots never really go out of style, so you can use the same pair every winter! Here are some amazing high-quality boots from shoesbagsall! 
Dr Martens Women’s Ankle boot 1460 Black
 Xti Women’s Boots 48443 Black
  1. Coats: Saved the best for last, you simply cannot own enough coats. You will need to throw a coat over every winter outfit, there are no exceptions! No one wants to wear and overuse the same winter coat every day for almost four months, you will need a vast selection. You’ll need some staple monochromatic coats, as well as more stylish ones, my personal favorite are fur coats! Coats will usually be the major component of your winter look, so you want to make sure you don’t own just simple basic coats. Get a nice variation of trench coats, puffer coats, and leather coats. Also don’t be scared to experiment with colors! Here are some stylish ones on shoesbagsall!
Fontana 2.0 Women’s Coat S11065E-KABAN Green
Guess Women’s Coat W84L76 Red