The case for top designer fashion

The question always comes up on why you should be paying big bucks for top designer fashion. After all, you can buy similar low-brand articles for thousands less. If this kind of thought has ever crossed your mind, read on.

If you are a woman, you need shoes, bags, clothing and accessories in your closet of course. Similarly for men, though not much of bags. So, let’s take a look at the choices you have in shoes.


And I will look at sneakers in particular. You have a lot of choices of sneakers on There are Nikes with prices at between $50 and $150 depending on whose name is on it. You can help basketball players like Jordan, Lebron and others add more to their wealth by buying Nike shoes with their names on it. Or you can buy regular Nike shoes on for less than $50.

A Jordan Classic Sneaker Sold on


By putting on a Lebron or Jordan shoe, you show that you are a true fan and you are middle class, but it does not give you any extra quality. In other words, it does not make you any more comfortable when you have them on your feet. This is one choice that I will call a waste of your money. Buy a regular Nike shoe and buy you a ticket to a basketball game with the difference and watch your idol actually do what they do.

close up photo of sneakers
A Woman’s Nike Shoe Sold on

Other Sneaker Brands

Still on the sneakers, you have much cheaper brands on that are not Nikes but having even better quality. I will make a choice among Diadora, Sauconys, Adidas, and Puma and pay much less. After all, I don’t get any better quality of shoes by buying Nike. Remember Zion Williamson episode? Check out this $33 sneaker

close up photo of adidas shoes
A $33 Sneaker Sold on

Luxury sneakers

And here is my personal experience. After several purchases of Nikes, Adidas, and Sauconys I stumbled on a big sale of a Prada Sneaker on and I was able to get this fine Prada sneakers shown below for $199.

A $199 Prada Sneaker Sold on

For women, you can even get these brands for way less than MSRP. Like this example

Out of all the sneakers in my closet, I have consistently chose to wear this Prada. To the gym, to the mall, to the grocery store, or just for a post office errand. This is not showing off people, its the feel – the comfort. You have to try this to understand what I am talking about. It is a sneaker built with quality, for comfort, and that is what you pay your big bucks for.

At this point, I invite you to make your own case for top designer fashion or make one against. More to come. Please feel free to share your experiences in comments below.