Timeless Pieces Everyone Needs in their Closet

With the trends in style constantly changing, there’s always those of us that fear that we just can’t keep up. You know when you finally build up the courage to buy that snakeskin jacket that you thought was a little too bold, just for everyone to call it tacky and “so last fall.” Trust me, we’ve all been there. It’s hard to stay up to date with fashion trends when every fad seems to come and go in the blink of an eye, and sometimes we just don’t know what to expect. The best way to make sure you always look good, despite whatever year or season we’re in, is to have at least three different staple pieces. A staple piece is the foundation of every good outfit. These are the items you can have in your closet for years and years, that for some reason you never want to get rid of, and that’s because you don’t need to. So what are these timeless pieces I speak of? Well we’re going to start with the signature iconic black trench coat.

  1. The Black Trench Coat: The black trench literally defines timeless. This is a piece that people have been wearing since the 1920s, and since, no matter what year it is, it always seems to hold every ensemble together. I am convinced you can put a black trench coat over every outfit and it wouldn’t clash!! A simple red dress for a dinner, or thrown over your work clothes before you’re heading out to a meeting. The black trench will always have you looking put together. If you do not have a black trench coat in your closet, you are definitely doing something wrong!
  • A Signature Designer Bag: Not all of us have the funds for a designer bag, but you do have to spoil yourself every now and then! And lucky for us, shoesbagsall has some at amazing prices! We all deserve at least one signature designer bag to pair with our, sometimes “bland” outfits. We all have lazy days where we don’t feel like putting too much effort into how we look, but that designer bag will have people thinking you have your whole life together! The perfect designer bag is one that you can wear daily, one that can carry all of your things from your lip gloss to your wallet! I’d recommend a classic Coach tote bag or if you want something on the less expensive side why not try a vintage Balestra. Invest in yourself and maintaining your style! The great thing about designer bags is that they never truly go out of style, and who would want them to? When you pay so much for something, you expect to keep it forever.
  • Black Knee-High Boots: Last but not least, we need to have shoes in our closet, that we know we’ll never get rid of. Can you imagine anyone throwing away a pair of black knee high boots? These boots will change that classic jeans and jacket combo that you’d wear to grab a coffee to that put together 30 something heading to Paris fashion week. The ones with the heels definitely add a nice touch to your outfit and not to mention are super easy to walk in compared to your standard stiletto’s. However, if you want to opt for the flat black knee high boots, they definitely still can create that image of the perfect put together outfit. Plus let’s not forget how much fun they’re to walk in, it makes you feel like Annalise Keating in the first season of How to Get Away with Murder, powerful and ready to take on the day! I mean really, who doesn’t want to strut through the streets in black knee high boots?