Top Fashion Trends for the Summer

Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to store up those winter jackets, and pull out your shorts and flip flops.  While summer styles can seem more fun and light, I actually find putting together pieces for the summer a lot harder than fall. With fall you have trenchcoats, cozy sweaters, beautiful ways to layer your clothing and more. With summer, you have less options in terms of layering, and each piece you chose makes a bigger difference.

I like to look at what the top trends are, and use that as a bit of inspiration when making sure my closet is good and ready to go for the next season!

I also love comparing what’s in now to the fashion trends from a year ago. Some trends get popular via social media and fizzle out quick, where as some stand the tests of time, appearing year after year.

Below are some of the trends that you will likely see this summer

1. Head pieces/Hats/Scarves

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What a better way to keep the sun rays out of your eyes, and be fashionable at the same time. Fedora’s, scarves, and cute hats are BACK. This can be casually done with a baseball hat, or a bit more old school with a fedora. It can be the perfect finish to your outfit.

2. Ballerina Glam

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This includes classic nude colors, frille, and everything feminine. Going for more of a simplistic delicate look can make you stand out this summer big time when many people opt for color. Simple necklines, leotards, and beachy colors are the way to make this trend your own.

3. Slip Dresses

This trend could be called classic as it’s never ending and I don’t think it will ever go away. It’s just so simple that it always works. Perfect for the summer, and flowy so you feel comfortable. There are many ways you can make it your own.

women dresses
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4. So Boho

So Boho has been trendy for quite a few years, sometimes it’s popular sometimes its now. This summer, I think it’s a trend you’ll see a lot off. Don’t be surprised if you see crochet pieces, desert colors, birthstone necklaces, and tote bags galore.